Bids and Purchasing Documents

Purchasing Department

New Fire Station No. 2: (bid documents available through ProjectDog Reference# 822099)

Burlington Dog Park:  18C-631-0008

Town Common Electrical Replacement: 18C-631-0007

Overlook Garage Roof Replacement:  17c-631-0042

Fire Station 2- Abatement & Demolition:  17C-220-0041

Department of Public Works

Trailer Mounted 250 KW Diesel Generator (18C-490-0009)

Well Cleaning 10 & 11 (17S-451-0023)

DPW Master Plan & Salt Storage Facilities - RFQ (16c-491-0020)

Transportation Improvements along I-95 Northbound Ramps, Middlesex Turnpike, Adams Street and Wheeler Road (West)

Project 6 and 7 Sewer Rehabilitations (17C-411-0017)

Pine Haven Cemetery Columbarium (17C-411-0045)

Parking Lot Paving (17C-411-0020)

Burlington Public Transit Bus Service (17S-420-0029)

Hot Mix Asphalt Paving of Various Streets (17C-411-0024)

Sewer Rehabilitations Downstream of Terrace Hall Force Main Discharge (17C-411-0028)

Maintenance and Repair of HVAC Systems (17S-491-0032)

Demolition of Salt Shed (17C-491-0037)

Drainage Improvements 2017 (17C-411-0030)

Stream Cleaning 2017 (17S-411-0043)

Grind and Inlay Various streets (17C-411-0038)