Town Requests and Information

Burlington Board of Health
Human Services Building,  61 Center Street - Phone (781)270-1955

board  Board Members:
Wayne Saltsman,MD, PhD, Chairman (f-r)
Dr. Ed Weiner,PhD,  Vice Chairman (f-l)
David McSweeney (back row l-r)
Elizabeth Walendziewicz
Maribeth Welch
Board of Health Staff:
Susan Lumenello, REHS/RS, CHMM, Director
Marlene Johnson, RS, CPO, Health Agent
Christine Mathis, Environmental Engineer
Roberta Gullage, RN, Supervising Nurse
Leslie McLaughlin, Administrative Assistant
Cathy Piccolo, Administrative Assistant

The mission of the Burlington Board of Health is to protect, promote, and prepare for all public health issues or potential crises that occur within the community. The Board of Health enforces state-mandated and local public health regulations, conducts inspections as mandated, issues town permits, investigates community-based complaints or concerns, and supports the goals of public health by providing education and community programs.  In addition, the Board of Health is responsible for the review of many aspects of proposed land use and development issues--including drainage, safety and quality of life—and thus is a protector of town natural resources as well (i.e., its aquifers). The Board of Health specifically oversees and regulates (but is not limited to) town food service establishments, mobile food trucks, swimming pools, recombinant DNA-use industries, and any necessary actions that may occur as a consequence of communicable disease surveillance.