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The Town of Burlington has extended the aggregation agreement with Colonial Power Group.  
 Criteria  Burlington Program
Generation Services Charge Only
Eversource Energy Basic SErvice
Generation Service Charge Only 

Small C & I
Medium & Large C  & I     Streetlight

$.09831 per kWh
$.09831 per kWh
$.09831 per kWh
$.09831 per kWh

$.10318 per kWh
$.10033 per kWh
$.11002 per kWh
$.10033 per kWh
 Duration  December 2016-June 2017  January 1, 2017-June 30, 2017
(Residential, small C & I and
Streetlight rates change every 6 months)
 Exit Terms  No Penalty Charge  No Penalty Charge


PARTICIPATING CONSUMERS will start benefiting from the aggregation rate beginning on the day of the month in December 2016 that their meter is read. This date varies by service area. Your meter reading date is shown on your bill.

 IF YOU ARE A BASIC SERVICE CONSUMER WHO HAS BEEN MAILED A NOTIFICATION you do not need to take any action to participate. You will automatically be enrolled. If you do not wish to participate, please follow the instructions specified.

 IF YOU WISH TO JOIN THIS PROGRAM you may OPT-IN at OR call ConEdison Solutions at (866) 469-8361 and ask to be enrolled.

 IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO PARTICIPATE you must OPT-OUT at, click the OPT-OUT button and follow the instructions specified OR call ConEdison Solutions at (866) 469-8361.

 Colonial Power Group, Inc. is an energy consulting company chosen on a competitive basis by the Town of Burlington to facilitate the Community Choice Power Supply Program. For more detailed information, call us toll-free at (866) 485-5858.

Not sure which supplier will give you the best rate?  Click here!


 Central Register  Bidders List  Prevailing Wage Surplus Supplies 

17D-220-0012:  Design Services for Fire Station No: 2  
17C-631-0013:  Repair of Regan Park Basketball Park
 17D-491-0015:  Installation of HVAC at Police Station
17C-491-0016:  Human Services Bldg Auxillary Fire Sprinkler Pump

                                           For DPW  bids please click here.

Telecommunications Company shall present to the town Purchasing Analyst the following information in order to proceed with equipment upgrades on water tanks located under the town’s jurisdiction.An engineer hired by the telecommunications company shall review and analyze the specific locationdesign/calculations and certify the additional loading will not adversely affect the structural integrity of the standpipe.  
Drawings and calculations shall be included with a letter signed by the engineer and sent via e-mail or United States Postal Service addressed to the Purchasing Analyst. These documents must be reviewed, and approved prior to a telecommunications company making any changes to the site.

Contact Information

Kate Moskos
Purchasing Analyst
29 Center Street, 2nd Floor
Burlington,MA 01803
Phone: 781-270-1634
Fax:  781-270-1608