Economic Development Office

Burlington Backdrop

Economic Development 

The Town of Burlington's Economic Development Office was created in 2019 to better serve our commercial sectors and support our long-term planning efforts to aid in our community's overall growth and prosperity.

If you are considering locating and or expanding your business in Burlington, please reach out and let’s know!  One of the special qualities of Burlington is that we have a small-town approach; you can reach out and talk with us! 

Why Burlington, MA

The Cornerstone of Commerce, Industry and Comfortable Living

Centrally located within the state of Massachusetts, right off of Route 128, the town of Burlington, MA, represents the cornerstone of New England living. With convenient commuter access to career and educational hubs such as Boston and Cambridge alongside the copious recreational parks, restaurants, and commerce, Burlington has become a desired location for a growing populace of educated professionals seeking a comfortable, friendly environment for themselves and their loved ones.

The heart of Burlington, Massachusetts, lies within its talented pool of working professionals, living, engaging, and collaborating within various innovative industries and their communities. Our wonderful town brings professional trailblazers together, forming an enriched community of world-changing life scientists, dedicated manufacturers, tech innovators, and life-saving medical professionals.

Quick History

 Settled in 1641, originally as part of Woburn, MA, Burlington was officially incorporated as its own town in 1799. In 1954, the completion of Route 128 acted as the catalyst for rapid industrial expansion. Since then, the town has expanded and grown from its well-respected agricultural roots into a professional hub for business, education, science, technology, and manufacturing innovators and their families.