General Information

Town Common Use Application & Policy for Public Event revised 07/17/2023 - Complete application 30 days prior to the event. All requests are approved in advance by the Select Board's office. Use of the Town Common is restricted to Burlington non-profit groups and organizations as well as Town sponsored events. The Select Board's Office will not approve events for non-profit groups and/or organizations. Use of Town Common agreement includes no smoking or alcohol, no dogs at the event, no vehicles on the common without prior permission, no open flames, observe parking rules.
Return the application to: and

  • The Select Board does not review for approval private events on the Town Common.  
  • Justice of the Peace - available by contacting the Town Clerk's Office. Call to reserve: 781-270-1660.
  • Banners on Sign Posts- Many requests are received for banners to be hung on the corner sign of the Town Common.  The policy is to only allow banners for town government sponsored events.  Please contact the office to reserve the space for a banner on the Town Common for your town sponsored event:  781-270-1635.
  •      Block Party Application - Complete application 30 days before the event is to take place. Return the form to: and