Request for Information

If you have a non-emergency question, problem or wish to report an issue to a particular department in town fill out this  form and an email will be sent to the correct department. That department will respond to you as soon as possible. Do not report crimes from this form either, police don't take crime reports online or via email.

Important Contacts

  • For issues of suspect food borne illness, contact the Board of Health directly at 781-270-1955 to report; do not use email to report it.
  • For traffic, signal issues on RT3A, and Cambridge street, contact Massachusetts Department of Transportation.
  • For water outages during non-business hours please contact the Police at 781-272-1212.
  • To report a crime you should call 781-272-1212.
  • All other calls, you should call 781-270-1600.


For emergencies you should always call 911.