Request for Information

If you have a non-emergency question, problem or wish to report an issue to a particular department in town fill out this  form and an email will be sent to the correct department. That department will respond to you as soon as possible. 

If this a request for Police records you can contact them directly through Sgt. Tim Kirchner – Community Services Sergeant at email:, or by phone at 781-505-4966 

Do not report crimes from this form either, police don't take crime reports online or via email.

Important Contacts

  • For issues of suspect food borne illness, contact the Board of Health directly at 781-270-1955 to report; do not use email to report it.
  • For traffic, signal issues on RT3A, and Cambridge street, contact Massachusetts Department of Transportation.
  • For water outages during non-business hours please contact the Police at 781-272-1212.
  • To report a crime you should call 781-272-1212.
  • All other calls, you should call 781-270-1600.


For emergencies you should always call 911.