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Please join us in welcoming out newly appointed DPW Director, Brian White! Pictured here, third from the right

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On June 15, 2022, the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs declared a Level 2- Significant Drought (click here for more information). A Full Outdoor Watering Restriction on all non-essential outdoor watering must be implemented immediately. 

Although the Town joined the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority in December 2020, the current connection to the Town of Lexington’s water system is not large enough to allow for the elimination of outdoor watering restrictions in the near future. The Town of Burlington must comply with what is mandated by the State. 

These water conservation measures would apply to all residential and commercial properties                           

3rd Step: Significant Drought – Full Outdoor Watering Restriction on all non-essential watering

Outdoor watering restrictions consist of:

  • Irrigation of lawns via sprinklers or automatic irrigation systems 

The following uses are permitted: 

  • Watering of gardens, flowers, and ornamental plantings by means of a hand-held hose only, will be allowed before  9 a.m. and after 5 p.m.
  • To meet core functions of a business or commercial activity
  • Applying necessary surface treatments (aka washing exterior surfaces) such as paint, preservatives, stucco, pavement, or cement. 


According to the Town Bylaws Section 5.4 the Town, through its Select Board, may declare a State of Water Conservation.   Section 5.9 states the Penalties for violating the Water Restriction are: 

  • Any person violating shall be issued a warning for the first violation, shall be liable to the Town in the amount of $50 for the second violation, and $100 for each subsequent violation thereafter.  
  • These fines are non-criminal disposition. 

Lawn Exemptions:

  • No exemptions for the installation of new sod, seeding and/or landscaping

Water Access to the Mill Pond Reservoir is Prohibited

  • Walking on the ice in the winter or swimming in the reservoir in the summer is not only prohibited, but dangerous.
  • As part of the water pretreatment process, the Town has an aeration system which changes the density of the water and may make it impossible to float.
  • We ask all residents and visitors to stay on the walking trails and not interfere with the water treatment process.
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